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Predator Smart Clamps

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      You may already own one of the most accurate slingshots ever made... all you need to do is attach the right bands!
You see, the old "bomb proof" metal rod frames are fine, it's the big obnoxious hard to shoot tubes and pouch that are the problem, that's what makes them so hard to shoot accurately and therefore obsolete for good shooters.... So we came up with the PERFECT solution for that!

In keeping with the whole slingshot philosphy of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)... we are proud to introduce the EASIEST, FASTEST, MOST SECURE, and just all around BEST way to attach flat bands, single tubes, looped tubes and rubber bands to a "big box" mass produced metal rod slingshot!
All you have to do is push the elastic tube, flat, or band through the clamp hole, slide the loaded clamp (elastic on opposite side of the rod from the set screw) onto the slingshot's rod and then tighten it down with the included hex key. Forward, backward, over the top, through the forks... just about any kind of elastic, in any kind of shooting presentation... they all work with this setup!

Made from high grade Stainless Steel, so they won't react with and cause band deterioration over time, like cheaper metals will... with your choice of an aiming groove or not...
Predator Smart Clamps allow you to turn that old slingshot that you never use, into something that can shoot with the best of the best in modern design!

When you buy with the wrist brace slingshot and if you request it, we'll take off the tubes that come with the slingshot and install the flat bandset, that comes with the clamps for your convenience (tubeset will be in the mailer box).
Just leave a note at checkout, or email: PocketPredator@aol.com

The Predator Smart Clamps can also be used with the old original Weber Slingbows or with any NEW design that YOU may come up with that simply has a 1/4" rod as the fork tip... Just think of the possibilities!

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Easy Tie Tape

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      Nylon reinforced band tying tape!

      If you're finding wrap and tuck and or smart ties just a little to fiddly and hard to do... Or if your slingshot is simply shaped in such a way that band tying is just difficult to do (like a round end to tie on), OR if you simply want your slingshot to have a cleaner, more professional look... Then this is the solution to your problem!

Simply cut off a short strip, ( 4 - 6 inches), position your band how you want it... and wrap the tie tape around it a few times. The tape is strong and sticks well to itself... So you'll be making nice looking setups in no time!



About 100 feet, only $4.95


Silicone Target Set

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      A full set of 5 silicone targets

      Hang them up, and shoot them in order.... 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm... If you can hit them all without missing, then you're a pretty good shot!

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Polycarbonate Safety Glasses

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      Safety glasses I can actually use!

      For the longest time, it has been extremely difficult for me to wear safety glasses AND shoot accurately... You see, pretty much every pair I've ever tried has a fairly large (huge for me) paralax error... and so I basically just don't wear them because of that!
BUT NOW, I really don't have an excuse, other than laziness and apathy... because these glasses are so true to correct that I can wear them and completely forget about them... which I've done numerous times while working in the shop.

So now, if I get a bad ricochet or a band snaps in some mysterious way that it hits me in the eye... then whatever happens because of that will be ALL my fault... and the same goes for YOU now as well!
Paralax free and costing less than a cup of good coffee... WE don't have an excuse any longer...

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Pinhole glasses for eyesight improvement

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      Your eyes can be stronger and CAN see better.

      Just like any muscle in the body... your eyes can be exercised and can see better.
The concept is simple... as you age, the muscles surrounding the eye that control the focus of the eye's lense, get weaker and weaker... until finally most people end up getting corrective lenses in the form of prescription glasses to compensate...
Well, pinhole glasses force your eyes to constantly change focus to see clearly while you wear them... this causes passive exercise and strengthening of the focal muscles... thus improving vision over time.

Confession time... when I graduated college, my eyes had become more suited to doing indoor tasks and far less suited to doing outdoor activities, and I actually had to wear prescription glasses to get my driver's license... By doing eye exercises, like the pinhole glasses method, I was able to put up the glasses and get back the perfect vision I had before college.
So long as your problem is simply age and weakness related, and not because of an eye occlusion such as cataracts... then you too can make your eyes better with only 30 minutes a day of pinhole glasses use!

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Hand Exercise Thera-putty

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      Want to shoot better? A stronger grip can really help.

      I'm going to let you in on a little "secret"... I've broken bones in my hands more than 10 times during my Martial Arts and Law Enforcement career... and because of that, my hands can become very stiff and arthritic especially during the winter or if allowed to be under exercised. So I have to keep my hands active if I want to enjoy life to it's fullest.

There are many ways to keep your hands active, and to also get a stronger grip... this is one of my favorites. Simply squeeze the putty until you're tired.
Do it every day, and before you know it your hands will gain strength and endurance. Stronger hands allow for a more solid shooting base, and that leads to better consistency and accuracy in slingshot shooting as well!

Tip: if the putty is to hard to squeeze... then microwave it for about 30 seconds... it will soften up and at the same time help to warm your hands if they are stiff.

Only $4.95

Silicone rubber hand exercise egg

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      When you're out and about, it may be difficult to carry your exercise putty container with you for quick impromptu hand exercise, or to simply relieve a little stress by squeezing something... This medium egg sized exercise ball is just perfect for that.
Not super hard to squeeze, you can get a satisfying little hand workout just about anywhere, any time.



Only $2.95

LED flashlight + COB Camp/Work light

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      These are really quite nice. They feature BOTH a very useful COB light for illuminating a work area, as well as a spot style LED flashlight for seeing things at a distance in the dark.

Each light comes with a clip to fasten to your pocket, belt or hat... a 14500 AA sized rechargeable battery... and a charger, of course!

Perfect size to keep as an emergency backup light in your tackle box, glove box, tool box or even in your "go bag" as part of your emergency readiness kit!



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Super bright, extremely useful Keychain light

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      Very nice and very useful keychain LED light

In a word... Amazing!
The complete unit, for less than the battery alone usually costs!
Sure you can put these on your keychain, and they're certainly one of the best keychain type lights you can get... easy to use, easy to change a battery, batteries are common 2032 size, bright enough to illuminate a keyhole or even a whole room... Push on the flat side of the light body with your thumb for instant on, or activate the slide switch for constant light.... OR, since they're small and easy to store, that makes these a truly perfect emergency hide-away light source... tackle box, glove box, yadda yadda... all sorts of boxes! They're there when you need them.


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Essee Ant Knife

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      Truth be told, you can get a big knife and you might even carry it... but this will be your most used knife in the field. It's size is perfect for real world use and utility.
With a skeletonized, weight reduced frame it's perfect for all day in the sun carry. It's size is perfect for most real world tasks around the camp... and because it's orange, if you drop it, no matter what environment, you can easily find it.

OEM manufactured in China, Knife is about 6 5/16" long overall, blade is 2 5/8" long, cutting edge is about 3"... Made from 4mm thick 440C stainless steel, hardened to 57-59 Rockwell

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Essee Neck Knife

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      These make excellent covert carry knives... nice tight lockup in it's sheath allows for carry as a necklace without worry about it accidently falling out. You can also carry it laced up in your boot or some other location that a captor would be unlikely to check.
It's sharp serrated edge can go through rope like it's nothing... while it's spear shape, flat grind and utilitarian tip makes it great as a "last ditch" survive or die companion knife.

OEM from China, and made from 3mm thick 440C, the knife is 5 1/8" long with a 2" blade and a 2 5/16" cutting edge.

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Large OTF Knife

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      Make sure of your laws before you order this item... Out The Front (OTF) opening knives are automatic... Push the slide lever all the way forward and "shhhhhclik" the knife is opened and locked... pull back on the slide lever and "shhhhclak" it's closed!
I'm sure you've seen these on television, used by a covert operative or the like... A ton of fun to play with, and really neat to show others as well... Have the coolest knife on the block... get an OTF!

Knife is about 8.13" overall, blade is about 3.375" long, cutting edge is about 3.625"... blade is about 3mm thick, 440 Stainless Steel... with deep carry pocket clip and emergency glass breaker on the bottom.

only $39.95


Lightning OTF Knife

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      Make sure of your laws before you order this item... Out The Front (OTF) opening knives are automatic... Push the slide lever all the way forward and "shhhhhclik" the knife is opened and locked... pull back on the slide lever and "shhhhclak" it's closed!
This particular model is the one I carry the most... I have many very expensive knives, a bunch of real nice Microtechs and so forth, but most of them sit unused on the shelf... to expensive and nice to actually use. With this one, if something were to happen to it, no big deal, I'd just buy another to use!

Knife is about 7.95" overall, blade is about 3.25" long, cutting edge is about 3.375"... blade is about 3mm thick, 440 Stainless Steel... also has a pocket clip.

only 34.95


Credit card Knife

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      The first rule in "The book of Manhood": Always carry a knife.

The only problem is, in today's "polite" society it may seem garish, uncouth or even be illegal in certain places or circumstances... So what's a Man to do???
Well... if you've got one of these in your billfold... and then if an emergency situation arises, at least you've got something!
Now I'm not going to extol the virtues of how great the build quality is, or even how sharp or rugged it is... but I will tell you that the thing is surprisingly decent, it can cut, it's not really that uncomfortable to use and best of all it doesn't fall apart after it's first, or even it's second use... even if used kind of a lot for something that's supposed to be a pure back-up emergency use item!

Price Options

Smith and Wesson HRT

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          In an encounter against someone with a knife, it's very likely you're going to be cut... no matter how much training, no matter how good you think you are, you are very very likely to get cut.

When facing a standard knife, the wound will usually be relatively clean and easy to patch up... But fighting against something like this, a serrated hooked blade... it'll cut deep and nasty every time... causing deep jagged wounds, massive bleeding and incredible damage.
These things are just about the scariest knife you could ever face... and it would be a very good idea to simply walk away if you had to face someone who's armed with one.

Purely self defense oriented knives like this are only good if you have it when you really need it... so buy several, they don't cost much, and leave them where you can get to them when you really might need it.


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Emergency Compass

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      Another requirement for everyone's go bag or emergency kit is a decent compass... and if you are really smart you'll have at least several go bag stash locations just in case of emergency... But by doing that, it can get pretty expensive, pretty quick.
So what you need is a way to get what you absolutely need, stuff that actually works well but isn't really expensive. These compasses are like that... their pretty tough, work well and don't cost much at all.

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Wire Saw

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      Costs next to nothing, yet can cut up to full size logs... Much better than the two ring type wire saws, you can actually get a grip on this one and use it without blistering up.
Buy a few, put one in each of your stashed go bags!

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Refillable Camp Match

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      The ability to make fire is an essential part of outdoor survival... with fire you can cook, purify water and stay warm... without fire... life can get real unpleasant real quick!
The old ferro stick is great but it's not really fire... just sparks, and sometimes it's very difficult to light damp material with just sparks. With the camp match you don't have that worry, it's fire not sparks!

Yet another neccessity for any go bag or emergency kit... it does what it does, and it does it very well!

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Laser and LED light bullet Keychain

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      Make a statement with your keychain

      TSA will just "Love" your keychain... NO, it's not a real bullet... NO, it isn't dangerous... YES, you can tease a cat with the laser... YES, the LED flashlight can help you find your way on a dark night... YES, it does have a pen under the bullet which is it's cap... YES, it does look very very much like a .308 round at first and even second glance.

All in all it's just a pretty neat keychain... and Boys of all ages love that!

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SwissTech Keychain Multi-tool

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          Pretty close to the nicest keychain tool there is!

Standard screwdriver, Phillips Head screwdriver and small pliers all fold up and lock onto your keychain... Ingenious!

At the last SEST I needed a screwdriver to adjust one of my slingshots... and as it so happens we just could not find one anywhere... so I ended up using an improvised method that really wasn't as good... and that started my search for a better way.
Once I got home, I searched the internet and found many different solutions, with the Swisstech micro-tool being the best of the bunch...

I keep one on my keychain... and so should you!

Only $4.95


Emergency Whistle

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          It is exactly what it looks like... an emergency whistle!
Lost in the woods... fallen and can't get up... just whistling for your side at the big game... these are super handy to have around any time you need to be noticed... and Man OH MAN, are they ever loud!


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Obligatory Warning:

Slingshots and slingshot shooting is dangerous. About the safest thing you can do with a slingshot is to leave it unbanded, store it in your closet, occasionally take it out to admire it and then put it back up.
However, if you do decide to actually use your slingshot then following these numbered rules will help to keep you safer, although there is nothing specified or implied that will guarantee you will be safe even if you do follow these rules...

Rule number one, make sure you're an adult or you are using the slingshot only under close adult supervision. All the same safety rules that are commonly associated with the use of a firearm are applicable.

Rule number two, ALWAYS check your band set, pouch and connections to make sure they are all in perfect working order. If there is even the smallest imperfection change out your band set to one that has no cuts, tears, holes or other problems. Then stress check your attachments to make sure there is no slippage or other undesired movement.

Rule number three, ALWAYS wear safety glasses. Slingshots use rubber and or natural latex compounds... Due to naturally occurring variances, there are NO guarantees either specified or implied about how long a band set will last before failure... no one can tell you how long a band set will last before it breaks... and they ALL fail at some point. SO always be safe, if you're going to shoot with a slingshot, wear safety glasses and always check your band sets and attachments before EVERY shot. If it is not perfect, put a new one on.

Rule number four, NEVER aim your slingshot at someone or something that you do not want killed or destroyed. Slingshots are capable of inflicting serious injury or even death with even the "lightest" of band and ammo setups. Treat slingshots the same way you would treat a loaded gun.

Rule number five, before EVERY shot make sure there is no damage to your slingshot itself. If there is any damage including but not limited to: cracks, dents, scrapes, breaks, or any other signs of damage, DO NOT use the slingshot without thorough testing being done by a competent professional first... and even after testing always use the slingshot in a cautious manner.

Rule number six, you are shooting at your own risk. We already recommended the safest course of action is to keep the slingshot on a shelf in your closet and to never use it... if you do decide to shoot even after we recommend differently... then refer to rules number 1 - 5 as reference for a possible safer way to accomplish that.