The Source for some of the most advanced pocket sized slingshots in the World!

Surgeon's scalpel precision that hits like a hammer... Pocket Predator slingshots are THE next generation in adult level slingshots.

Made from space age materials and designed with superior shooting and handling ergonomics, Pocket Predator Slingshots are favorites among the World's best and most elite shooters.

      The power, speed, strength and precision of an adult level Pocket Predator slingshot is unparalleled. With one of these slingshots and some good shooting practices you to may be able to shoot more accurately than most people can with a gun. Be the best you can be and shoot with a Pocket Predator... simply the best all around slingshot money can buy.... With match lighting capable models starting at less than $25 going all the way up to several hundred dollars for the crazy nice customs, we have something to fit every budget, every need and every style of shooter!
Be sure to check out the gallery to see examples of many of the models we've made... we just KNOW you will find something that will appeal to you!

        Below are a few videos you might like to check out showing some of the true capabilities of a Pocket Predator slingshot... and also why we can truthfully state that as far as utility, function and accuracy are concerned they are the best of the best.
In the videos you will notice no one is dressing up in their finest clothes, no putting on airs to try and impress... it is all about the slingshots and shooting with extreme accuracy and power that no others have yet been able to match... in other words, if we can do it, you can too. All it takes is a proper slingshot and some diligent practice shooting like is taught on the How to shoot page!

Some shots that show what a Pocket Predator slingshot and a little practice can make you capable of...

Cutting freehanging playing cards that are blowing in the wind, shooting from great distances and lighting matches just to name a few things in the video!

Extreme accuracy... instead of simply cutting a bullet in two on a blade, it's cut in FOUR... done with a Pocket Predator Slingshot, and you will NOT see another projectile weapon doing this same shot on Youtube, it's that rare!

We know they're super accurate, but just how powerful is a Pocket Predator slingshot? Check out this slow motion video penetrating over six full cans of soda, cutting cards and lighting a match. Certainly silent and deadly enough to take small game up to large rabbit and squirrel size!

World Record shooting feat!
We know they're super accurate, very powerful and capable of doing trickshots... how about consistency?
Well how about 20 hits in a row on a smaller than golf ball sized target from over 40 feet away?!?

     Cutting edge ergonomics that help to achieve unparalleled extreme accuracy along with shot after shot after shot consistency are what the Pocket Predator slingshots are all about...
The internet is a big place with lots of interesting innovations, many "borrowed" from us in fact, so look around and see what others are offering... Look past the "flash and fluff" of the pretty sites with the photoshopped pictures and if you see someone actually shooting better with their slingshots than what you see on this website, well... don't hesitate to buy one of those instead!
But since we're quite confident that you won't find something better, don't forget to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE FIRST. ;-)


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